Anish Bhattacharya

Roboticist & PhD Student

This summer I am working at Microsoft Research under Ashish Kapoor.

I am a doctoral student at GRASP at University of Pennsylvania, working with Nikolai Matni and Vijay Kumar on problems surrounding autonomous robot vision and control. I'm grateful to be supported by the NSF GRFP.

Prior to this, I completed my MS Robotics at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked with Sebastian Scherer on UAV autonomy with aerial manipulation applications. My MS thesis studied targeting a moving aerial object with a quadrotor fitted with just a monocular camera, using guidance algorithms like proportional navigation.

I develop autonomous aerial systems. I want to find new methods in vision and control that enable the future of autonomous robots — specifically one that gives us more security, ability, and freedom in our lives.