Anish Bhattacharya

Roboticist & PhD Student

I am a doctoral student at GRASP at University of Pennsylvania, working with Nikolai Matni and Vijay Kumar on problems surrounding autonomous robot vision and control. I have interned at Microsoft Research under Ashish Kapoor and Jayesh Gupta, and I'm grateful to be supported by the NSF GRFP.

Prior to this, I completed my MS Robotics at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked with Sebastian Scherer on UAV autonomy with aerial manipulation applications. My MS thesis studied targeting a moving aerial object with a quadrotor fitted with just a monocular camera, using guidance algorithms like proportional navigation.

I develop autonomous aerial systems. I want to find new methods in vision and control that enable the future of autonomous robots — specifically one that gives us more security, ability, and freedom in our lives.